The process of visualizing the communication, and solving the problem by using different typography, photography, and illustration is graphic design. Graphic design deals with creating a symbol by combining different images or by generating the symbol by own creativity. Topography, page layout, and visual; art techniques are used for graphics designing.

Graphic design can be done in a traditional and digital procedure. It is the styling in a presentation of image and text. The graphic designer adds elements to modify the image and organize the page. The designer needs good communication skill and command on the tool like the interactive design and multimedia design to influence the client and sell their design.

Use of graphic design

Nowadays, graphic design is applying everywhere that is visible to us like the road signs, books, brand names, in office.

It is a way of presenting the idea or the scheme to the consumers that they will understand the importance of the product in thei4r own life. Graphic design is used to generate the identity logo, color, packaging, and text as part of the branding. In business, branding is becoming a necessity to stand in a market.

Graphic design has wide application in industries.

Importance and use of graphic design

Importance and use of graphic design

  • To make the editorial design more attractive and expressive.
  • Design to identify the original and particular brand name
  • Used for expressive and influence promotion and advertisement.
  • In road signs to explain the schematic safety procedure.
  • Illustration by developing an image for the better understanding.
  • For easily understandable experience.
  • For making big print items such as big poster and billboard.

How graphic designing helps in identifying
For making a design a designer combines many specific features to target the audience. The identifying use of Graphic designing is most commonly used in branding. Where the designer works on the various strategy of the company. The designer always wants to make an impact on the audience perception, emotion, and psychology with law and rule that develop an attraction toward the audience to identify the design with respect to

Beautification of the content can be said as the specialty of the graphic designer that contains the complete relation of user interaction with the visual stuff. Human is visual motivated and emotional so, the beauty of the design is the problem-solving ability and also attractive looks always make a user think to try that product.

Graphic designing helps to set the theme
The foundation of graphic designing is based on the theme. The theme links with the product and the user as well. The theme of the product always depends upon the visual element, topography colors, background, composition color plate, shape sizes, and stylish approach. The theme plays an important role in decision making especially during the first interaction.

Graphic designing and explain
It can be easily said that sometimes a single picture has a worth of a thousand words. The pictorial representation has a theme of the product is the best way to explain and guide. The graphical and pictorial representation save time and also enhance the efficiency of understanding.