Okay, let’s first do an exercise: Pretend you know nothing about your company and you somehow stumble upon your website. Can you immediately tell what it’s about or what it offers? Does landing on the home page prompt you to pursue further pages? Is everything you’re trying to say crystal clear? If the answer is no, then you need to revamp the website content writing now and refresh your site, before you start losing out on prospective customers.

Here are a few ways you can identify if your website content is good enough or not:

Improving Your Websites Creative Content Writing

Do you have what they need?

The traffic that enters your site through search engines, can do so from anywhere and land up on any page. It’s vital to let them immediately know that you have what they’re looking for. A good website content writing strategy is to add an introductory paragraph that sums up everything on the page and gives the visitors an insight into what your site is all about.

Be descriptive

Remember, your website isn’t a brochure that gives you the creative freedom to vague and distinct. That’s why it’s necessary to be as descriptive as possible in your website content writing. Most websites ‘optimize’ the text by sticking keywords everywhere, which doesn’t make any sense to the reader. If there’s no descriptive text, the visitor will easily skip on to another that will tell them what they need.

Let them know you have it

Imagine you run a florist shop. Do you have 24/7 delivery? Check. Do you have all varieties of roses? Check. Do you support CoD? Check. You know you do it all and are probably even better than your competitor at it, yet a visitor may end up exiting your site and making a purchase from your competitor. Why? Because you didn’t tell them what you’re offering them in the right manner. Always ask your website content writing team to prioritize content! What matters needs to be clearly visible with bold Call-to-Action to support it, and the other superfluous stuff, such as descriptions can take a sideline.

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