Video campaigning is wonderfully effective since it involves better user engagement with conceptual and targeted digital content. Promotion of various products, live-streaming events and videos help in enhanced marketing strategies. This is where we comes into play. It offers easy and smart video solutions for business catering to the video marketing segment for various companies.

A Forbes article remarks, “Video Content Represents Pure Connectivity”. Videos help to vitalize a business. A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is much more. Using videos allows more creative expression, more authentic and specific. The audience understands and connects better. According to Forbes article, 91 percent of consumers are likely to reward brands for authenticity and share the brand with friends and family, and 62 percent are likely to purchase from or show greater interest in purchasing from a brand that authentically expresses itself. A CNBC article shows that companies need to take into account their design, execution, narrative idea, memorability and brand consistency while making videos.

We provides business video solutions with three main features:

  • VideoFront: A combination of simple and targeted SEO techniques allows for an increased web presence for the video.
  • VideoCentral: Offers an easy, customizable, cloud portal for videoing the business functions.
  • VideoStack: Helps with integrating the videos with websites and across other digital spaces.

We pays special emphasis on providing plug-and-play business video solutions pertaining to the needs of everyone from content publishers, L&D leaders, educational platforms to corporate communications, sales enablement etc. Marketers can monitor and analyze viewer behavior to produce content matching their preferences and compare various content pieces. We takes care of generating transcripts and allow viewers to skip to the point of interest by adding highlights and keyword clouds. Video content particular buyer personas can be created too through customizable playlists. How-Tos and learning tutorials in video forms lead to better training helping the L&D leaders.

A 24×7 technical and development support ensures seamless business video solutions and uninterrupted viewing for the consumers. For larger enterprises, we provides wholesome visual content. Embedding videos across different apps, securing it and content categorization are of prime importance. We lives up to all these demands with an incident-free experience of 6 years.

In the education sector some professional provides a ready-made and easy to use interface to handle the technical know-how while enterprises can focus solely on the content. Using viewer analysis, the complexity of the content can be customized to suit the needs.

The feature of in video search boosts the SEO rankings and the viewers view only the part they are specifically interested in. The creating, viewing and editing experience coupled with the viewer analysis data presents a wholesome video campaign to assist the marketing backbone.

Apart from video solutions for business, these are just as important to bridge the communication barriers among the members of any organization. The events and seminars can be live-streamed, latest information can be uploaded as videos using the interactive tools.