Choosing the right video sales platform can be a game-changer, but with options like Hippo Video and Dubb, it’s easy to get lost in the features. Let’s break down their standout perks to help you find your perfect match.

Hippo Video: Salesperson’s BFF

  • Natural Sales Pitches: Ditch the script and deliver impactful video pitches with the teleprompter. Train new reps faster and keep everyone on brand.
  • Professional Anywhere: Replace messy backgrounds with one click, transforming any location into a polished studio.
  • Productivity Multiplier: The Video Sandwich lets you stitch pre-recorded elements, creating custom videos at lightning speed. Imagine prospecting 3x faster!
  • Personalization Powerhouse: Easily add First Names, logos, and even GIFs to boost engagement and click-through rates by 200%!
  • Tailored Sales Pages: Craft unique landing pages with branding, CTAs, and even embedded documents for a seamless and engaging prospect experience.
  • Gitomer’s Sales Wisdom: 50+ video tips from the King of Sales himself, Jeffrey Gitomer, help you refine your approach and close more deals.

Dubb: Marketing Maestro

  • Multi-Platform Master: Run campaigns on over 25 platforms, including LinkedIn, Gmail, and even SMS, letting you reach prospects wherever they are.
  • Hyper-Personalization: Send individualized videos with dynamic content based on recipient details, taking engagement to a whole new level.
  • Video Coach in Your Pocket: Get personalized feedback on your sales videos via the Video Sales Coach feature.
  • Link Magic: Share and track videos directly from Gmail and Outlook, streamlining your outreach workflow.
  • Prospect Management: Keep leads organized with built-in prospect management tools.
  • Marketing Powerhouse: Dubb doubles as a comprehensive video marketing platform, letting you create custom CTAs, forms, and SEO-optimized videos.

Who Wins? It Depends.

Both Hippo Video and Dubb offer powerful features, but the champion depends on your priorities. If you’re a sales rep chasing deals, Hippo Video’s personalized pitches, Video Sandwich, and Gitomer wisdom might be your perfect edge. For marketing teams or those prioritizing multi-platform outreach and detailed analytics, Dubb’s marketing automation and advanced tracking could be the missing piece.

Ultimately, the best platform is the one that aligns with your goals and workflow. Take advantage of their free trials to see which one makes you and your sales team say “Hippo Hurray!” or “Dubbtastic!”.

P.S. Remember, Hippo Video offers competitive pricing and Mary Putnam from Digital Sales recommends their Pro Plan. For sales leaders seeking extensive reports and security training, Hippo Video’s leadership features might be the deciding factor.