Mobile applications have taken over the market, not only in the areas like telecommunication and social media but also in shopping, gaming, eCommerce, and more. And it has become essential for every business today to look for a leading and reliable mobile app development company and have a mobile app now no matter if it is a startup, an SME, or an enterprise.

  • A recent study has revealed that mobile apps have resulted in nearly 80 percent increase in sales.
  • On average, mobile users use 9 apps daily.
  • The iOS platform has more than 2.2 million apps now.
  • And Android has more than 2.8 million applications serving the users in different ways.

Other than these key reasons, billions of mobile users have turned to use apps for different purposes and to make life easier. Right from shopping to booking tickets, planning trips, playing games, reading news, etc., smartphone users prefer to use an app for almost everything. Want to know more about how apps have simplified things and why it has become significant for every business to have an app today? Here you go.

Most compelling reasons to invest in mobile app development now.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Reach the global audience faster:

In today’s digital era, almost everyone has a smartphone and internet access and it is also seen that most of the online or internet traffic comes from different mobile devices. However, mobile app development allows businesses to reach out to the global audience in a much faster and easier way and stay connected to them round-the-clock, promoting market expansion, increasing conversions, and achieving more opportunities for rapid business growth.

Mobile apps offer easy accessibility:

Having a website today is just not enough. Though it gives you a channel to get your business online on the web, it is still essential to have an app now. And this is because users prefer using an app more than a website and it’s because of the ease of using and accessing an app. Yes, applications are much easier and convenient to use than websites. Applications can be opened with just a tap on the device on the app icon unlike a website, for opening and browsing which you need to remember the URL of the site as well as your login credentials.

On-the-go advertising:

Whether the users are at home, at the workplace, or somewhere on the way, you can always open and access an app. Mobile applications are user-friendly and every app is opened by the respective users at least once or even more times a day. In other words, it can be said that applications act as the best mode of advertising for businesses today.

Increase brand recognition:

Mobile application development increases brand recognition. Application development simply lands your business in one or more App Stores, bringing more and more users to your brand who are searching for the same services or products. A user-friendly, innovative, secure, and navigational app also leaves a great impression on the users and keeps them engaged with the brand for a long time, resulting in increased brand recognition.

Helps in value creation:

Through mobile applications, you can offer more promotions of your products and services and offer more loyalty programs and create value for your users easily. It is seen that around 94 percent of the apps have got the maximum revenue through loyalty and value creation programs for the users.

Mobile apps help with easier and faster social platforming:

Investing in mobile application development can help you with better and faster business exposure in several ways. And one of these ways is enabling social platforming. A mobile app also acts as the easiest channel to drive and connect to more users through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. You can add social media icons or widgets to your app’s home page and link the icons or widgets to your business’s social media pages or accounts. Through this feature, you can get more users, reaches, likes, shares for your posts, ads, and forums.

Better customer service:

Mobile apps offer better and more prompt customer support and services through instant communication options like chat, etc. This again gives a reason to go for mobile app development. The users just need to open the app with just a click and can contact the customer support or help center to get a prompt reply.

Through mobile app development, your business can grow so much faster. At Infuse Digital Marketing Agency, we offer mobile app development services.